mobility, flexibility,
strength, nutrition



Hi, I'm Keira and I've worked as a trainer and coach in the fitness industry for 15 years with clients from absolute beginners to elite athletes.  

I have also struggled with my weight, overcome injury and had two children.

Through my work with others and my own experiences, I've developed a system to unlock your best movement potential to meet the needs of YOUR lifestylewhether that means the ability to play more freely with your kids, preform better in the gym, hike mountain, or train for a weightlifting competition.

My series of videos, one-on-one coaching, and nutritional guidance will help you:

  1. Increase your fluid mobility
  2. Improve your range of motion
  3. Become more flexible
  4. Build strength, not bulk
  5. Understand your relationship with food
  6. and YES, lose weight!

…All this in the privacy of your own home or workout space!

Work with me to Guide you on YOUR personal journey. Yes, you can do this!