I've been there, I get it

Life coaching is about helping people truly create lives that they love — where they feel robust, inspired, and deeply fulfilled.  It is about defining success on THEIR terms, and then achieving it.  

After owning a gym and personal training for 12 years, I realized that to make a powerful change in anything you want to do, it comes not only from the physical body, but spiritual and emotion as well. I have coached so many people that have been frustrated, sad, depressed and desperately wanted a change in their life. I can see and understand these feelings because I had felt the same for many years of my life.

After going through a difficult divorce and a period of deep depression, I was able to make a profound shift in my own life by hiring a transformation/mindset coach, meditation, energy work, and daily movement (fitness etc).

So now, I want to share what I did to others and help them make the change that THEY need to live a more fulfilled and joyful life. I have added the service of Life Coaching so that people can achieve whats most important to them and make choices that empower their life.

This is what you can expect from working with me.

* Get crystal clear about your deepest values and priorities 

* Uncover hidden obstacles that have been sabotaging your fulfillment and well-being

* Leave the session not only inspired, but with tangible next steps to make measurable positive change!

* Get a intuitive personalized download from me to uncover where your blocks (and gifts) are. This will help us clear what is in your way, and work to quickly transform it.

As the mother of 2 girls, owner of 2 businesses, and woman over 40,


Changing behaviors and getting desired results in the middle of a chaotic life are real challenges  — for men and women. I am driven by the goal to help others attain more freedom in their bodies and lives to bring them back to feeling aligned with who they REALLY are, and do what REALLY makes them fulfilled and happy. I want you to CREATE the life that you want, not passively live a life that you are not happy with.

My Certifications:

  • Feldenkrais Certified - Feldenkrais therapy works to repair connections between the brain and body and increase range of movement and psychological wellbeing. It is recognized for improving posture, flexibility, coordination, athletic and even artistic ability in people with restricted mobility, chronic pain and tension.

  • Master RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) - A title appointed after extensive experience and demonstration of the highest levels of integrity, commitment, teaching skills, leadership and personal physical ability.

  • Z-Health R, S, T (Rehabilitation, Restoration & Re-education; Sport Movement Fundamentals; and Neural Threat Modification) - A training system that works with an understanding of modern neuroscience to "debug" movement patterns and optimize performance.

  • FMS (Functional Movement Screen) - This corrective system (used by U.S. Navy Seals and professional football teams) works to understand movement patterns that identify pain, prevent injury, build mobility/stability and improve physical performance.

  • CST (Circular Strength Training) - This broad system integrates joint mobility, multi-planar progressive resistance, compensatory movement, intuitive flow and Clubbell® swinging for strength and conditioning.

  • Clubbell Yoga - A fusion of eastern club swinging and Hatha Yoga for weighted vinyasa flow sequences that build strength and increase fluidity.

  • TRX Certified - A suspension training system that leverages gravity and bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability through various focused exercises.

  • PPC (Progressive Calisthenics Certification) - An urban-style bodyweight strength method that promotes movement with maximum power, control and efficiency — one-arm push-ups, pistols, pull-ups, handstands and hanging levers.

  • MCT (MovNat Certified Trainer) - a fitness and physical education system based on the full range of natural human movement skills.

  • Life Coach Certified - A certification that is based on helping others help themselves design the life the want to live.

  • Reiki Level 2 Certified- A type of energy work designed to help you get more aligned with your natural ability to heal yourself, and feel better emotionally and psychically.

  • Intuitive Eating Certified- A certification based on teaching people how to stop dieting, and find their own natural intuitive eating style to keep the weight off and stay away from body shame and grief.

  • Multiple coarse attendance on Intuition/Mediumship- 2 year mentorship with Andy Byng, intuition courses 1,2 with Karen Hagar, intuition classes with Elisa Heyman, mediation/breath work with Dr. Joe Dispnenza

Things that we will use together to help you create your dream life.

  • Manifesting

  • Meditation

  • Energy/intuitive healing

  • Writing exercises

  • 1:1 coaching to help you break free from old thought patterns and beliefs.