Profound Changes in Range of Motion

I have been athletic my entire life, and at one time was competitive in cycling centuries and sprint triathlons. I have always found good personal trainers to be a valuable part of my exercise and training programs, and I have worked with many. However, I can honestly say that none of them compare to Keira. She is truly unique in the approach that she takes to training. As the result of her years of education and experience in the fitness industry, beginning with her foundation in the Feldenkrais Method and functional integration, Keira is more knowledgeable and intuitive regarding the human body than anyone I have ever met. In just five sessions with her, I have seen profound changes in my body’s range of motion. She has “unlocked” my stiff shoulders and alleviated years of lower back pain. She has helped me to tune in to my body in a way that has allowed me to both understand and correct inhibited movement patterns. It is unbelievable how many changes she can create in my body in just one hour. It has blown my mind to discover freedom and mobility in my joints and muscles that I have never before accessed!
Her training is based on the cutting edge of movement and exercise science. She understands the importance of balancing strength and flexibility, and has created her own unique systems and practices. At 54, I now understand the importance of overall movement and mobility when it comes to maintaining a healthy body that will be able to move with ease and efficiency for years to come. It is movement and mobility that Keira’s work is based on…and this is truly the essence of a body's health and fitness. It is actually hard to put into words the work that Keira does one-on-one, you really have to experience it for yourself. I can assure you though, that after just one session, you will understand how deep, healing, and effective her work is!”


Better Movement & Strength

Hi Keira, since I saw you I have been incorporating your approach with outstanding results. My body is moving in a more connected manner, I am getting stronger (pressed 20kg. on both sides - it has been a year since I did that!) and I just feel better. My people love it too. I have always worked on mobility, but your way is just what my body and mind need right now. Thank you for being you.

–Lori Crock

Increased Movement & Relief from Pain

After spending the weekend with Keira, I learned so much about my body. I am now able to move in positions I never thought possible. I now feel relief after suffering from back pain for 2 years. Keira is truly inspiring and her wealth of knowledge is like no other.  If you have the opportunity to work with Keira, do not pass it up!